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živá tradice v domovině a Evropě -- living tradition in home and Europe - lebende Tradition in der Heimat und Europa
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Bedřich Smetana: Má vlast, Vyšehrad / Friedrich Smetana: Meine Heimat, Vyšehrad

Famous Russian Alexandrow Ensemble lost in a plane crash on 2016-12-25

 Vittorio Monti - Csárdás

 May God rest the souls of all those lost in this terrible tragedy

Russia, and the world, has suffered a massive cultural loss.
The Alexandrov Ensemble army choir, formed in 1928, is vastly popular, and will have to be reformed almost from the bottom up. It's considered one of the greatest male choirs in the world. It's known for performing traditional Soviet and folk songs, and modern hits as well (everything from Queen to Lady Gaga).


Famous tunes

František Kotásek - Ratíškovská

František Kotásek na 40. FDHR
František Kotásek
40. Festival dechových hudeb Ratíškovice


hudba František Kotásek
text Stanislav Pěnčík

Stanislav Pěnčík
Stanislav Pěnčík
21.5.1939 Nenkovice
17.6.2004 Hodonín

dechová hudba Dolanka

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